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Rotary Lobe PD Pumps for Pumping Sludge & Viscous Fluids
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Before and After

Recent application showing before and after installation. American made LOBEPRO Rotary Pumps increasing efficiency, saving space, and working in all different environments.

Concrete manufacturer finds a new way to make concrete cheaper

Equipment: 2 GM 34 Lobe Pro Rotary Pumps, 7.5 HP, 500 RPM 100 GPM @ 400 RPM @ 100’ TDH Application: A Florida concrete manufacture has used LobePro Rotary Pumps in three plants to assist them in the making of concrete. Job Description: Don Justice, contractor for the concrete company began to investigate alternatives to […]

LobePro Hydraulic Submersible Lobe Pump

LobePro now offers a hydraulically driven submersible lobe pump. This pump has been used to pump thick oil sludge that accumulates at tank bottoms and ship bilge areas. The strong suction of the LobePro sludge pump allows it to operate where other pumps cannot. USA made, Custom diesel driven powerpacks are available to suit the […]

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