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Rotary Lobe PD Pumps for Pumping Sludge & Viscous Fluids
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This little piggy……

Can fit anywhere. LobePro has designed a small compact piggyback that is small enough to fit virtually any space. The complete unit stands 25” tall with front and side dimensions of 18” and weighing less than 375 lbs. This compact system is available for our S-frame pump line (S8c, S8p, S16c and S16p) with a […]

Before and After

Recent application showing before and after installation. American made LOBEPRO Rotary Pumps increasing efficiency, saving space, and working in all different environments.

Non-Newtonian Fluids Require Specialized Planning for Variable Viscosities

The changing properties of wastewater and other fluids can cause unexpected pump performance. By Bill Blodgett, President of LobePro Rotary Pumps Reprinted from the February 2015 issue of the Pumps and Systems Magazine Knowing a fluid’s viscosity is essential to properly sizing piping and pumps. The viscosity of all fluids change with temperature. The higher […]

New Trouble Shooting site

LobePro now has a troubleshooting site available to assist our customers in diagnosing common issues with our pumps. The micro-site is smart phone friendly and includes a drop-down search as well as downloadable pdfs. An Investigation form is also available for users who are having additional problems. All inquiries will be review by LobePro’s quality […]

LobePro Rotary Pumps – What We Can Offer You…..

LobePro Rotary Pumps currently manufactures 13 models of positive displacement rotary lobe pumps divided into three series: S-Series (sludge/slurry and general use) pumps, C-Series (chemical/and corrosive resistant) pumps, and D-Series (duplex pumps and abrasive applications). Each series is also available in an API-Series (API-676 Compliant for Oil and Gas Industry). Applications for LobePro pumps include: […]

New for 2012: S-Series – Small Frame Pumps are in Production

LobePro has added a completely new pump series to their ever growing line of rotary lobe pumps. After a lengthy design and trial process, this new frame services is ready for production. The new small frame S8 and S16 models will serve to meet the needs of customers with lower flow requirement. The S-Series will […]

2012 so far….

LobePro has had a busy spring so far – two tradeshows and Spring Pump School. Eastern Regional Manager Dave Brenneman exhibited at the PWEA Marcellus Shale Conference in Pennsylvania, March 15-16. LobePro President Bill Blodgett, Brenneman and our new Southeast Regional Manager Marcus Day manned the LobePro booth at the WEFTEC Residuals and BioSolids show […]

LobePro new “A” series API-676 Compliant Pump

LobePro now offers a pump that is API-676 compliant. The new A Series pump line was engineered for the demanding applications found in the oil/gas and chemical markets. Typical applications for our API pumps include fuel transfers; oil with abrasives; waste oil; crude oil; Vapor-liquid separator pump (aka flash drum pump, knock-out drum pump, compressor […]

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