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Rotary Lobe PD Pumps for Pumping Sludge & Viscous Fluids
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LobePro Rotary Pumps – What We Can Offer You…..

LobePro Rotary Pumps currently manufactures 13 models of positive displacement rotary lobe pumps divided into three series: S-Series (sludge/slurry and general use) pumps, C-Series (chemical/and corrosive resistant) pumps, and D-Series (duplex pumps and abrasive applications). Each series is also available in an API-Series (API-676 Compliant for Oil and Gas Industry). Applications for LobePro pumps include: Sludge, Slurries and Mud, Oil and Gas, Oil Spill and Recovery, BioSolids and BioFuel, Wastewater, Chemical Industry, Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Food Processing, Construction Dewatering, Environment Remediation, Mining, Agriculture, Wine, Power Plants, and Chlorides, Hydroxides and H2S. To how LobePro pumps can work for your application, click here to request a quote.

LobePro’s rotary lobe pumps are typically used to pump sludge to and from thickeners, separators (such as belt presses, centrifuges, and rotary presses), digesters, and clarifiers. They are in fact suitable for pumping any wastewater treatment plant sludge once hard solids over 1/8” and grit are removed. LobePro can provide an in-line grinder, filter or knock-out tank to remove hard solids larger than 1/8″ if necessary.

LobePro pumps are also used in oil and gas applications: pumping drilling fluid, feeding decanting centrifuges, booster pumps in pipelines for oil containing abrasives and waste oil, and pumping jet fuel and diesel from tanks requiring a suction lift. The API-Series pump complies with API 676 with a seal exception. LobePro manufactures an oil lubricated cartridge seal which is long lasting, leak free, and proven in many harsh applications.

The company’s goal is to provide products which reduce our customers’ total costs compared to other alternatives. These savings are achieved through product reliability, energy efficiency, wear part durability, application engineering and training, and caring management. LobePro has manufactured many thousands of pumps since the parent company was founded in 1978.

For more information on LobePro Rotary Pumps, visit www.lobepro.com.

This little piggy……

Piglet April 2016-croppedCan fit anywhere. LobePro has designed a small compact piggyback that is small enough to fit virtually any space. The complete unit stands 25” tall with front and side dimensions of 18” and weighing less than 375 lbs. This compact system is available for our S-frame pump line (S8c, S8p, S16c and S16p) with a 3 to 7.5HP motor. Pump run speeds range from 200 to 900 RPM with pump materials available in Grey Iron, 316 stainless steel and Duplex Stainless Steel. The S-frame pump line features flow rates up to 144 GPM and can handle pressure up to 175 PSI for S8 models and 150 PSI for S16 models. Visit Lobepro.com to learn more about what LobePro has to offer.

Before and After

Recent application showing before and after installation. American made LOBEPRO Rotary Pumps increasing efficiency, saving space, and working in all different environments.


Non-Newtonian Fluids Require Specialized Planning for Variable Viscosities

The changing properties of wastewater and other fluids can cause unexpected pump performance.

By Bill Blodgett, President of LobePro Rotary Pumps

Reprinted from the February 2015 issue of the Pumps and Systems Magazine

Knowing a fluid’s viscosity is essential to properly sizing piping and pumps. The viscosity of all fluids change with temperature. The higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity. The viscosity of Newtonian fluids only changes as a result of changes in temperature. However, non-Newtonian fluids viscosities also change for other reasons. Understanding these reasons is important because many fluids are non- Newtonian.

Time-Dependent Viscosity Changes

Thixotrophic fluids get thicker when sitting but thin over time when stressed. A single sharp impact does not appreciably reduce a thixotropic fluid’s viscosity. However, continuous shearing for a few seconds or minutes usually thins the liquid. Examples of thixotropic fluids include many wastewater sludges, drilling fluids, paints, flocculants, bentonite mixtures, honey, molasses and ketchup. Almost all thixotrophic fluids are also shear-thinning, meaning the force and the length of shear time reduces the fluid’s viscosity.

Rheopectic fluids do just the opposite. They get thinner when sitting and thicker when stressed over time. Printing ink is one example, but rheopectic fluids are fairly rare.

Time-Independent Viscosity Change (more…)

New Trouble Shooting site

Troubleshooting-homepageLobePro now has a troubleshooting site available to assist our customers in diagnosing common issues with our pumps. The micro-site is smart phone friendly and includes a drop-down search as well as downloadable pdfs. An Investigation form is also available for users who are having additional problems. All inquiries will be review by LobePro’s quality and engineering departments to find the most effective solution. Visit troubleshooting.lobepro.com.

Concrete manufacturer finds a new way to make concrete cheaper

2 GM 34 Lobe Pro Rotary Pumps, 7.5 HP, 500 RPM
100 GPM @ 400 RPM @ 100’ TDH

A Florida concrete manufacture has used LobePro Rotary Pumps in three plants to assist them in the making of concrete.

Job Description:
Don Justice, contractor for the concrete company began to investigate alternatives to using expensive city water to mix their DOT concrete. Their concrete production requires is 50 to 100 gpm. They were looking for a simple solution to their problem. LobePro Rotary Pumps provide that solution. By using one skid mounted GM34 LobePro Rotary Pumps, the concrete company was able to utilize all the water that was available from their existing well. They used a 3” swan neck pipe to handle the suction lift.

LobePro currently has pumps in three plants. They have saved enough money by not using city water that the concrete company has decided to continue the conversion with their other nine plants.

New for 2012: S-Series – Small Frame Pumps are in Production

LobePro has added a completely new pump series to their ever growing line of rotary lobe pumps. After a lengthy design and trial process, this new frame services is ready for production. The new small frame S8 and S16 models will serve to meet the needs of customers with lower flow requirement.

The S-Series will be ideal for metering, sludge and many OEM applications where the current M34 is too large. The S8 has 72 gpm maximum capacity (8 gallons maximum flow per 100 rpm), and 175 psi maximum working pressure. The S16 has 144 gpm maximum capacity (16 gallons maximum flow per 100 rpm), and 150 psi maximum working pressure. With a rated rpm of 0 – 900 rpm, the pumps feature LobePro’s six wing lobes and have options for stainless steel components. GS8 and GS16 are for general use; SS8 and SS16 are for sludge, mud and slurry; and CS8 and CS16 are for chemical and corrosive. These are available as API 676 Compliant pumps.

The corrosive resistance stainless steel pumps are ideally suited for pumping most polymers because of their near pulseless measured flow, which produces the correct pressure without valves. The S pumps feature field rebuildable cartridge seals. Rotary lobe pumps are often selected in place of other PD pumps because they are compact, can be repaired in place, can run dry, are self-priming, and have reversible operation capabilities.

2012 so far….

LobePro booth at WEFTEC Residuals and BioSolids show

LobePro has had a busy spring so far – two tradeshows and Spring Pump School. Eastern Regional Manager Dave Brenneman exhibited at the PWEA Marcellus Shale Conference in Pennsylvania, March 15-16. LobePro President Bill Blodgett, Brenneman and our new Southeast Regional Manager Marcus Day manned the LobePro booth at the WEFTEC Residuals and BioSolids show March 26-27 in Raleigh, NC. Our Spring Pump School was well attended by 14 individuals representing seven companies. Photo highlights from the WEFTEC show are left and below.

LobePro Hydraulic Submersible Lobe Pump

LobePro now offers a hydraulically driven submersible lobe pump. This pump has been used to pump thick oil sludge that accumulates at tank bottoms and ship bilge areas. The strong suction of the LobePro sludge pump allows it to operate where other pumps cannot. USA made, Custom diesel driven powerpacks are available to suit the customer needs. The lobe pump offers a small footprint, pulsation free pumping, strong suction lift & vacuum at inlet, low shear, self-priming to 25′, as well as forward and reverse operation and operating ranges from 0-2600 gpm, Pressures to 150 psi.

“IN 10 minutes, the Lobepro pump 60 barrels of nasty, superthick oily sludge from the bottom of a barge . . . the other pump took 3 hours!”

“I wish I have found you guys sooner!”

-BP Gulf Oil responder

LobePro new “A” series API-676 Compliant Pump

LobePro now offers a pump that is API-676 compliant. The new A Series pump line was engineered for the demanding applications found in the oil/gas and chemical markets. Typical applications for our API pumps include fuel transfers; oil with abrasives; waste oil; crude oil; Vapor-liquid separator pump (aka flash drum pump, knock-out drum pump, compressor suction/ inlet drum pump); Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) froth pump; skim oil pump; desand slop pump; Produced Water Filtration Pump and highly viscous or abrasive chemicals. Our engineers would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application and give you a quote.

Click here to view our A-Series spec sheets.

Click here to download our API 676 Compliant Pump brochure.

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