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Rotary Lobe Positive Displacement Sludge Pumps for Pumping Sludge
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Maintenance Repair & Parts

Vogelsang Replacement Parts: ISO 9001-2008 Certified

Are you paying too much for replacement parts for your Vogelsang pump? Others are taking advantage of substantial savings on our in-stock drop-in replacement parts for Voglesang. One recent customer saved over $700 for one pump!

We offer OEM equivalent parts at a fraction of the cost of traditional Vogelsang OEM parts for the following Vogelsang models:

  • VX136-70Q
  • VX136-105Q
  • VX136-140Q
  • VX136-210Q
  • VX186-130Q
  • VX186-260Q
  • VX186-390Q
  • VX136-210Q
  • VX186-130QD
  • VX186-260QD
  • VX186-390QD
  • VX186-520QD

We are ISO 9001-2008 certified, and in many instances, we have reengineered the parts and can provide you with parts that exceed OEM specs for improved reliability.We offer an improved leak free seal design that eliminates the need for the pressure bottle.

To order replacement parts, contact us for a distributor near you. Click here to view our Vogelsang Replacement Parts flyer.

Drop-in Pump Replacement:

LobePro pumps can "drop-in" to the same footpiece as a compatible Vogelsang model. Save money and downtime. No piping changes required.

Take advantage of the many technological and engineering upgrades that the LobePro design has to offer. Normally a "drop-in replacement" for your Vogelsang pump, LobePro pumps are designed to solve the shortcomings many have experienced with their Vogelsang pump such as seal failures and and delamination.

LobePro pumps are 100% "Made in the USA" and feature:

  • LobePro cartridge type mechanical seals have been "proven in the field" in everyday use by our rental fleet of pumps.
  • LobePro mechanical seals do not require a pressure bottle containing reserve seal oil for applications below 100 psi. Pressure bottles are an unnecessary annoyance requiring daily monitoring.

To order replacement parts, or a drop-in replacement pump, contact a distributor near you.

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