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Rotary Lobe Positive Displacement Sludge Pumps for Pumping Sludge
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Rotary Lobe Pump

LobePro pumps offer the following benefits in wine production. Pumps have a large internal cavity at is gentle on grapes and run at a low rpm with a low shear design. They are also self-priming and can easily pump viscous fluids.

LobePro’s low shear lobe design has its own list of benefits. The low shear lobe design is gentle on seeds & skins which enables better tannin management; are more forgiving with foreign objects in system (metal staples etc.) and is a great solution for delicate applications.

Advanced four wing helix lobes are available for near pulseless flow with NBR, Viton, and EPDM coatings. Three and four 4 wing stainless steel lobes also available.

LobePro pumps also meet the following engineered pumping solutions.

  • Engineered Problem: Must to fermentor or press
  • LobePro Solution: Large internal cavity is gentle on delicate grapes.
  • Engineered Problem: Pump Over
  • LobePro Solution: high flow, high head, and low shear results in low oxygen pick-up,
  • Engineered Problem: Pomace
  • LobePro Solution: great self-priming ability and more gentle than screw conveyor
  • Engineered Problem: Wine Transfer
  • LobePro Solution: Self-priming, variable flow with controls
  • Engineered Problem: Filtration
  • LobePro Solution: Predictable flow over wide range of pressures

LobePro C-Series pumps are designed to handle these applications.

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